Summ...ekhm, what?!


But, you know, this years' Summer sucks. Yeah, life's a bitch and we have to deal with that. Remember. Don't waste your time with someone who actually doesn't have it for you. I think I forgot about it for a while...
My new crush



bon appetit!

Have you ever thought about the taste of your Home? What make you feel like you're in heaven while eating? Do you already know?
These questions caught me today and, luckily, the answer was just about to be baked. Yes, baked, because I realised that my very own taste of my Home is the taste od muffins that my Mom bakes regulary. Okay, I wrote regulary and you might thought that baking muffins is something like our daily routine, or I don't know even what. But it's just for the rest of the family, not for me. I spend a lot of my time not at home (studing 250 km away, you know...) so when I'm back muffins are something that make me feel really good at Home. Even if I hate cinnamon used for muffins' streusel. If you want to try bake them, you can find a recipe here.

Tastes best on the balcony:))
Kills are probably don't fit my "so sweet home note" but who cares. I just love them. See ya!


home, sweet home

Julvember? Novjuly? How can I call this month full of horrible weather? I have no idea what should I do with my life when the rain is pouring all the time. Okay, I'm overreacting, it's quite nice now. But I know it will change tomorrow...
Anyway. I'm back at home! Wow, finally. I'm glad that my family trip wasn't longer, that could be dangerous for... For everyone.
Enough wasting time for now. It's time for Gossip Girl, cause...

Have a nice day:))


tea in the granary

Thank God, the Internet is here with me!
I hate spending holidays on seaside. There are too many kids, fat men in socks and sandals, too tanned women and tons of trashy souvenirs. And lying on the beach is not for me too.
Well, enough moaning for now, because today we left our horrible town by the sea and drove to Słupsk city. It's probably similar to tousands cities in the world, but we visited amazing place there. The Tearoom in the Richter's Granary (I'm not sure if the translation is ok...). The exterior. It's just old granary so it's not extremely wonderfull, just an ordinary granary. But inside... I can say: love at first sight. Wooden ceiling, walls made of bricks, old furniture, amazing exhibition of posters from Polish poster school of 21st century... Wow, is all I can say. The only drawback was music. It was something like... horrible! Oh, and the children. There were too many of them.
Anyway, being in Słupsk it's a huge mistake not going there. I'll leave you now, with some pfotos of this great place. They are not mine, maybe I'll change them when I'll be back at home.

I found these photos here.


open'er '85

Looks weird, doesn't it? Open'er would be... omg, at least 26 now! That's a lot. I'm curious if it would have that problems today as Glastonbury has?
Anyways. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for sweet trip with my family. Well, I hope I will be still alive next weekend when I should be home again. So... See ya!

...i think I prefer 2011's line-up:))


set dark on fire

Just for a second, to share this song with you. I've just found it and fell in love. Hope you'll like it.

xo xo

we're plastic but we still have fun

Today I fell in love. Really. With... A Barbie doll! Yes, I know what i'm saying and I know that it might sound... weird. But just look at them! Mattel decided to run a series of dolls from different jobs. So we have Barbie - babysitter, Barbie - pet vet, Barbie - ballet teacher, Barbie - pizza chef, Barbie - movie star and many more. Available on shop.mattel.com if you want to buy a present for your younger sister or someone. And here you have my favourites.

4. Racecar Doll

3. News Anchor Doll

2. Computer Engineer Doll

1. Architect Doll (my favourite <3)

So if you want to byu a present for me, now you know what will make me happy. Well, the truth is I want to be a little kid again:))

awww, killers on mtv rocks. very old, very good song. and iza miko! enjoy


new york i love you

Okay, let's make it clear. I don't wanna fight with anyone, but the truth is... I hate Green Day.
Well... That was quite simple. Buy it's not that simple if your sister is something like the biggest fan of this band in whole world. It's even hard. Hearing them singing is really a torture for me. So today is a small guide titled "what to do if your sister is a fan of the worst band ever"
The first thing you can do is using these, or these, or these (and that's pretty hardcore). Oh well, and that's pretty interesting. But it won't be that necessary.

Enough joking for now. I've just started watching second season of Gossip Girl and I'm totally sad about Dan and Serena. Anyway. I have to be ready for season 5 this fall so I'm going back to my episodes.

I really have to visit New York one day. All for now. Bye!

for all green day fans. don't feel touched, i really can like you anyways:))



I can't believe it! I've got a Follower! Thank You, whoever You are, it means a lot to me that I'm not writing to the empty space. That's great.
In fact, I can't write anything more for now because simply I have no time for it.
I'm so happy, it's time for something like my favourite song of last few days. See ya!

gosh, life

I almost watched the first season. Almost, because I have to wait few minutes now to watch last episode. What is going to be like? I want to know it, NOW! Okay, I'm really calm...
Anyway. It looks like i wasted another weekend of my holidays. So I'm pretty mad about it, you know. I don't know what is next Summer going to be. I'm getting older and older (ugh...)... It would be horrible if I have to work for whole my free time. Well, I sound like I'm really spoiled. But I'm not! For real! It's just a huge difference for me beetwen working cause you want to (you need money for a trip/dress/shoes/school) and working cause you have to. Because you're old enough to live your own life without parents, in your own flat, with your own (super tiny) salary. I don't wanna grow up, please do something. Anybody.

And then just left me alone and let me have such makeup. And give me someone who will do it for me (the make up I mean).

Kills for now. Bye

okay. so the last episode was... pretty interesting. can't wait to start watching second season. tomorrow<3


xo xo

Well, it's time for a little confession. I know I'm behind of all the people on our planet but... Yeah, I started watching Gossip Girl. I know it's a bit late... But it's never too late to start watching such a great serial! Yes, I mean it. I absolutely fell in love with The New Yorkers and their life (it's pretty messed up, as me all love). And, of, course I love The Girls. Yes! OMG, let me say that, their clothes, hair (why my hair doesn't look that good, come on!) and shoes... Big love.
Okay, I'm too tired to write anything more so I will just left you now. Well... I know there's no one reading it but I really don't care.

See ya!

(the left shoe says: smily/positive/and sexy. just if anyone wanted to know. schoes by chiara ferragni)


Perfect Summer Song

How to make a Perfect Summer Song?
You need:
  • 4-5 nice looking boys, about 25 years old
  • simple melody
  • catchy chorus
Well... All you need is to mix this ingredients together. Then you should shot a simple video (band+some fans+beautiful views of sunny California) and send it to youtube. Then you can just sit in front of your computer and just watch how the number of views is rising... Okay, only if you're super-lucky.
Anyway. Every Summer I have my very own Summer anthem. Last year it was Let's go surfing by The Drums. This year...

This song will save my life one day. And I know it will be in Winter.

Anyway, I have to tell you that I'm my own hero now. Yesterday I cleaned my wardrobe. I mean I threw out all clothes that I don't wear anymore. And now my closet is half empty, it looks quite weird. But I'm ready for shopping now.



Fact number one .Really sad one. People are reading less and less. Fact number two. I'm reading almost nothing. And I'm really ashamed. I've heard that reading in some ways helps with writing. So I better left you now. Its reading time! For now: One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Classic!



long long time ago

Crisis, day two. My holiday starts to be to long now. I have nothing to do. I mean there is a lot things I can spend my time on, but nothing is interesting enough. Spending whole day lying on a couch watching tv or reading or chatting or drawing is not how I want to spend my free time. I hope tomorrow I will start my practice. Keep your fingers cross because it was really hard to get it and I still don't know which building-site in my city I will see.
Anyway. Two days ago talking with my friend and reading one of my favourite blogs I suddenly realized that few years ago I had a colorfull (hmm... let's call it like this) hobby. I used to make friendship bracelets. I don't know how it started, but I still have many of them, even though I gave out tons of them to my friends and family. This is a small part of my collection. Well, it's not so bad idea to start making them again.

I still have obsession called James Blake. Well... Maybe it will end one day. Or maybe not. Bye.



It might be the shortest note here. Number four. I wanted to write here something, I even wrote it, but it was just too depressive so I will left here few songs that are just perfect for my mood.


All for now, bye.


so obsessed

Okay. I'm still listening to the Blake's LP. Is that normal? It looks like an obsession to me, but.... whatever. Even my Mom said "he's not that bad" (she's a fan of U2 and Rod Stewart, don't even ask...) Between doing nothing, meeting my best friend and blogging I decided to find out what's going on with new fall 2011 collections by my favourite brands. Yes, I know it's July. Yes, I know it's bloody hot. But who doesn't like watching new clothes and dreaming about those places and events when you can wear them.
Today I found H&M Fall 2011 Lookbook and I absolutely love it! Looking at these fotos I simply forgot that I hate loose pants, shapeless jumpers and most of the stuff that is not black. The skirts are absolutely amazing, aww...

Just love it. What a beautiful thunderstorm outside... See you.


fuck yeah, it's open'er!

Well.. It was Open'er. Heineken Open'er Festival, that's what I'm talking about. Best European Major Festival 2009 and 2010. So true. I haven't been to many festivals (just Open'er and other two in Poland) but I can proudly say that you can see it that we're simply the best:))
After this 4 (or even 5 days when you are staying on festiva,ls camping) days of heaven i want to write something about those fantastic concerts I saw, mmmm:))
Here it is, my top 5:

One and only Polish band in my top. It's not because I don't like Polish music, or there is nothing interesting in it! No, absolutely not! But this gig was a surprising because Twilite - the guitar duo, played with two new members (but just for the festival) so the sound was realy deeper and those who missed this performance should feel realy bad.
The sound, look and act like they're just another indie band about which we will forget next summer. But even we will forget about their music, I won't forget about their energetic gig on Tent Stage at the first day of festival. And I was pretty shocked that the band have so many fans in Poland.
I thought she's just another British singer-songwriter, who realy can sing but can't make her concert interesting and after 15 minutes you're just so bored that you have to left. But that's not Kate. Her punk energy was great enough to make the whole audience at the Tent Stage dance. I even missed Prince's gig because of her. But I really don't care.
2. Pulp
After almost 10 years of break Pulp finally decided to get back together and do some gigs. "Why not?" I asked before going towards the Main Stage. And after just one song playd by the band my "why not" turned into "OMG, yessss!" The perfrmance was great. The artists were great. The weather was great. What?! As Jarvis said, it was even worse than in UK. Rain was pouring, wind was blowing, it was terribly cold and I was absolutely wet (even my rubber boots and rain coat didn't help). But I'm not sure if the weather was the reason that we all have to dance to keep us warm, and Cocker also had to do that. He was amazing. Talking, singing, again talking, jumping onto speakers... Wow, is all I can say.
Okay, I'm absolutely obsessed with him after his performance. Truly amazing with that killer bass, lovely soul and deep voice and the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Sounds like a teen groupie? Probably, but... who cares? There was some magic in the Tent that time and I still can't think rationally about those perfect sounds... Loved it. This gig blown me away and I hope to see James again. The sooner the better.

Oh, no. There should be also a place for Foals. One of my favourite bands and the performance was also so great (rain rain again). And M.I.A! And... you know, just many more;))

Too much links in this posts, I think... Okay. I should go and do something at home... See you!

postcard from

Finally, it's holiday. After this long and exhausting year of new school, new town, new people, new flat, new... everything, it's just great to be at home. Just great to hear my cat meowing all the time, seeing my messy room, meeting my friends... Who cares that in fact I didn't want to meet them again just a year ago? Ok, going back to subject "holiday" it's sooo true, that after this 3 days of freedom I have nothing to do! Yeah, I could clean up my room, kitchen, do the washing, go shopping (yay!) but... when you don't have to do something, you'll never do that:)) So I decided to make ma blog alive again! I realy want to write something and I feel i have to do that in English, because my language level is going down and down and... As you can see.
Hello, this is my blog.