fuck yeah, it's open'er!

Well.. It was Open'er. Heineken Open'er Festival, that's what I'm talking about. Best European Major Festival 2009 and 2010. So true. I haven't been to many festivals (just Open'er and other two in Poland) but I can proudly say that you can see it that we're simply the best:))
After this 4 (or even 5 days when you are staying on festiva,ls camping) days of heaven i want to write something about those fantastic concerts I saw, mmmm:))
Here it is, my top 5:

One and only Polish band in my top. It's not because I don't like Polish music, or there is nothing interesting in it! No, absolutely not! But this gig was a surprising because Twilite - the guitar duo, played with two new members (but just for the festival) so the sound was realy deeper and those who missed this performance should feel realy bad.
The sound, look and act like they're just another indie band about which we will forget next summer. But even we will forget about their music, I won't forget about their energetic gig on Tent Stage at the first day of festival. And I was pretty shocked that the band have so many fans in Poland.
I thought she's just another British singer-songwriter, who realy can sing but can't make her concert interesting and after 15 minutes you're just so bored that you have to left. But that's not Kate. Her punk energy was great enough to make the whole audience at the Tent Stage dance. I even missed Prince's gig because of her. But I really don't care.
2. Pulp
After almost 10 years of break Pulp finally decided to get back together and do some gigs. "Why not?" I asked before going towards the Main Stage. And after just one song playd by the band my "why not" turned into "OMG, yessss!" The perfrmance was great. The artists were great. The weather was great. What?! As Jarvis said, it was even worse than in UK. Rain was pouring, wind was blowing, it was terribly cold and I was absolutely wet (even my rubber boots and rain coat didn't help). But I'm not sure if the weather was the reason that we all have to dance to keep us warm, and Cocker also had to do that. He was amazing. Talking, singing, again talking, jumping onto speakers... Wow, is all I can say.
Okay, I'm absolutely obsessed with him after his performance. Truly amazing with that killer bass, lovely soul and deep voice and the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Sounds like a teen groupie? Probably, but... who cares? There was some magic in the Tent that time and I still can't think rationally about those perfect sounds... Loved it. This gig blown me away and I hope to see James again. The sooner the better.

Oh, no. There should be also a place for Foals. One of my favourite bands and the performance was also so great (rain rain again). And M.I.A! And... you know, just many more;))

Too much links in this posts, I think... Okay. I should go and do something at home... See you!

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