gosh, life

I almost watched the first season. Almost, because I have to wait few minutes now to watch last episode. What is going to be like? I want to know it, NOW! Okay, I'm really calm...
Anyway. It looks like i wasted another weekend of my holidays. So I'm pretty mad about it, you know. I don't know what is next Summer going to be. I'm getting older and older (ugh...)... It would be horrible if I have to work for whole my free time. Well, I sound like I'm really spoiled. But I'm not! For real! It's just a huge difference for me beetwen working cause you want to (you need money for a trip/dress/shoes/school) and working cause you have to. Because you're old enough to live your own life without parents, in your own flat, with your own (super tiny) salary. I don't wanna grow up, please do something. Anybody.

And then just left me alone and let me have such makeup. And give me someone who will do it for me (the make up I mean).

Kills for now. Bye

okay. so the last episode was... pretty interesting. can't wait to start watching second season. tomorrow<3

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