long long time ago

Crisis, day two. My holiday starts to be to long now. I have nothing to do. I mean there is a lot things I can spend my time on, but nothing is interesting enough. Spending whole day lying on a couch watching tv or reading or chatting or drawing is not how I want to spend my free time. I hope tomorrow I will start my practice. Keep your fingers cross because it was really hard to get it and I still don't know which building-site in my city I will see.
Anyway. Two days ago talking with my friend and reading one of my favourite blogs I suddenly realized that few years ago I had a colorfull (hmm... let's call it like this) hobby. I used to make friendship bracelets. I don't know how it started, but I still have many of them, even though I gave out tons of them to my friends and family. This is a small part of my collection. Well, it's not so bad idea to start making them again.

I still have obsession called James Blake. Well... Maybe it will end one day. Or maybe not. Bye.

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