new york i love you

Okay, let's make it clear. I don't wanna fight with anyone, but the truth is... I hate Green Day.
Well... That was quite simple. Buy it's not that simple if your sister is something like the biggest fan of this band in whole world. It's even hard. Hearing them singing is really a torture for me. So today is a small guide titled "what to do if your sister is a fan of the worst band ever"
The first thing you can do is using these, or these, or these (and that's pretty hardcore). Oh well, and that's pretty interesting. But it won't be that necessary.

Enough joking for now. I've just started watching second season of Gossip Girl and I'm totally sad about Dan and Serena. Anyway. I have to be ready for season 5 this fall so I'm going back to my episodes.

I really have to visit New York one day. All for now. Bye!

for all green day fans. don't feel touched, i really can like you anyways:))

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