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Finally, it's holiday. After this long and exhausting year of new school, new town, new people, new flat, new... everything, it's just great to be at home. Just great to hear my cat meowing all the time, seeing my messy room, meeting my friends... Who cares that in fact I didn't want to meet them again just a year ago? Ok, going back to subject "holiday" it's sooo true, that after this 3 days of freedom I have nothing to do! Yeah, I could clean up my room, kitchen, do the washing, go shopping (yay!) but... when you don't have to do something, you'll never do that:)) So I decided to make ma blog alive again! I realy want to write something and I feel i have to do that in English, because my language level is going down and down and... As you can see.
Hello, this is my blog.

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