so obsessed

Okay. I'm still listening to the Blake's LP. Is that normal? It looks like an obsession to me, but.... whatever. Even my Mom said "he's not that bad" (she's a fan of U2 and Rod Stewart, don't even ask...) Between doing nothing, meeting my best friend and blogging I decided to find out what's going on with new fall 2011 collections by my favourite brands. Yes, I know it's July. Yes, I know it's bloody hot. But who doesn't like watching new clothes and dreaming about those places and events when you can wear them.
Today I found H&M Fall 2011 Lookbook and I absolutely love it! Looking at these fotos I simply forgot that I hate loose pants, shapeless jumpers and most of the stuff that is not black. The skirts are absolutely amazing, aww...

Just love it. What a beautiful thunderstorm outside... See you.

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