tea in the granary

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I hate spending holidays on seaside. There are too many kids, fat men in socks and sandals, too tanned women and tons of trashy souvenirs. And lying on the beach is not for me too.
Well, enough moaning for now, because today we left our horrible town by the sea and drove to Słupsk city. It's probably similar to tousands cities in the world, but we visited amazing place there. The Tearoom in the Richter's Granary (I'm not sure if the translation is ok...). The exterior. It's just old granary so it's not extremely wonderfull, just an ordinary granary. But inside... I can say: love at first sight. Wooden ceiling, walls made of bricks, old furniture, amazing exhibition of posters from Polish poster school of 21st century... Wow, is all I can say. The only drawback was music. It was something like... horrible! Oh, and the children. There were too many of them.
Anyway, being in Słupsk it's a huge mistake not going there. I'll leave you now, with some pfotos of this great place. They are not mine, maybe I'll change them when I'll be back at home.

I found these photos here.

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