we're plastic but we still have fun

Today I fell in love. Really. With... A Barbie doll! Yes, I know what i'm saying and I know that it might sound... weird. But just look at them! Mattel decided to run a series of dolls from different jobs. So we have Barbie - babysitter, Barbie - pet vet, Barbie - ballet teacher, Barbie - pizza chef, Barbie - movie star and many more. Available on shop.mattel.com if you want to buy a present for your younger sister or someone. And here you have my favourites.

4. Racecar Doll

3. News Anchor Doll

2. Computer Engineer Doll

1. Architect Doll (my favourite <3)

So if you want to byu a present for me, now you know what will make me happy. Well, the truth is I want to be a little kid again:))

awww, killers on mtv rocks. very old, very good song. and iza miko! enjoy

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