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Well, it's time for a little confession. I know I'm behind of all the people on our planet but... Yeah, I started watching Gossip Girl. I know it's a bit late... But it's never too late to start watching such a great serial! Yes, I mean it. I absolutely fell in love with The New Yorkers and their life (it's pretty messed up, as me all love). And, of, course I love The Girls. Yes! OMG, let me say that, their clothes, hair (why my hair doesn't look that good, come on!) and shoes... Big love.
Okay, I'm too tired to write anything more so I will just left you now. Well... I know there's no one reading it but I really don't care.

See ya!

(the left shoe says: smily/positive/and sexy. just if anyone wanted to know. schoes by chiara ferragni)

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  1. So oool :)



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