flobsession [2]

Well, it's been a while... But I'm back and tomorrow I am really starting learning. I promise!
I spent last few days walking in the mountains and it was quite nice. Just quit nice because I'm not a huge fan of hiking, it's too tiring for me.
Anyway, yesterday was a premiere of a new single from Florence + The Machine. It's not enough saying that I'm a huge fan of her. And this new song. I love it. That's old good Florence with new energy. I can't wait till November to hear the rest of the album.

As you can see, Flobsession is still with me! (wow, I can sing that!)
And what do you think about this song?



Just a quick note to tell you that I'm alive! And I'm back. Paris was A M A Z I N G. Or even better. We had wonderful time with some wonderful people. My photos are still in horrible mess so I will show you some of them later.
For now, some music. The first video is one of dozens that we saw on TV in our hotel. One and only example of good French music showed on that channel.
Second one. My new obsession (but I still love James Blake!). Jake & Flo, charming guitar duo from Germany that we met one night playing in front of Notre Dame. Huge love.


Paris blue

I'm trying to pack my suitcase. I'm leaving tomorrow, and it's still empty. Gosh, life.
So, as you could guess, I'm off next week. And I'm so excited about this trip. Guess where I'm heading.

Yes, I'm going to Paris. Wow, I still can't believe it. It's going to be perfect. I hope. And of course I will have a camera so I will show you some photos. Maybe, cause I'm not a good photographer.
This song is quite sad, but I love it. So see you next week!


so, what now?

So the weather today is quite fine, but that's still not the Summer style I love. For now just few photos I like looking at sometimes.

Bicycle time! See ya


run fast!

Little complaining today. Few days ago I watched new video for Ellie Goulding's Starry Eyed. And then I died. Yes, really. Tell me where's the point making US versions of the UK music videos? Okay, I know that Americans have different sense of style, but please... Do you really think that the new version, with the galaxy boy is better than the old one? What was wrong with it?
And that's not the only video that have a "better" version. Something like a year ago, my favourite artist, Florence + the Machine, published new version of Dog Days Are Over video. And let me say it, very weird video. But here we have a cause. The first one was made by Florence and her family. It wasn't one of those hollywood production, but it's still really interesting and just nice.
These are not the only examples of ruined videos...
Go compare, and tell me what you think.

(turn to 240p to make it work)


it's your big city spleen

Another awful day. In high school I used to hate weekends. When I left to Gdańsk, things changed. And now, after a month at home I hate weekends again.
Today I visited my family (last time I saw them was something like 10 years ago?!) and it was a total disaster. They live in a small village. And I hate villages. I'm a... let's call it big city girl. But why I was there? Well I need to draw some village buildings for my studies. But the buildings weren't that good as I expected. So I wasted half of a day...
Gosh, what's more, the weather forecast says that next week in Paris is going to be cloudy and rainy!
I need to do something with my life. Maybe you have any ideas for brightening a day like this?

hello, August.