flobsession [2]

Well, it's been a while... But I'm back and tomorrow I am really starting learning. I promise!
I spent last few days walking in the mountains and it was quite nice. Just quit nice because I'm not a huge fan of hiking, it's too tiring for me.
Anyway, yesterday was a premiere of a new single from Florence + The Machine. It's not enough saying that I'm a huge fan of her. And this new song. I love it. That's old good Florence with new energy. I can't wait till November to hear the rest of the album.

As you can see, Flobsession is still with me! (wow, I can sing that!)
And what do you think about this song?

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Dziękuję za wszystkie komentarze, każdy kolejny cieszy mnie niezmiernie! Z tej niepohamowanej radości staram się na wszystkie odpowiadać :)