it's your big city spleen

Another awful day. In high school I used to hate weekends. When I left to Gdańsk, things changed. And now, after a month at home I hate weekends again.
Today I visited my family (last time I saw them was something like 10 years ago?!) and it was a total disaster. They live in a small village. And I hate villages. I'm a... let's call it big city girl. But why I was there? Well I need to draw some village buildings for my studies. But the buildings weren't that good as I expected. So I wasted half of a day...
Gosh, what's more, the weather forecast says that next week in Paris is going to be cloudy and rainy!
I need to do something with my life. Maybe you have any ideas for brightening a day like this?

hello, August.

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  1. Jezuu, te buty... <3
    Ja też nie lubię wsi, nie jesteś sama.


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