i'm gonna bury your body

So... It's the last day of Summer today, the last day of the most amazing Summer I've ever had. I know that Fall, which is just about to come, is going to give me some amazing moments, but I still do have this strange feeling when you know that something is ending. I know I'm gonna miss these long and warm, but rainy days. In fact we had perfect Fall this Summer. One of my role models loves Fall, she says that is the perfect time filled with golden leaves and good depressive sounds. I would add to this list thick woolen jumper and big cup of hot cherry tea...

i need to change my music player (see it on the right side of this blog), any ideas?


should have your nose

I can't believe it! I think I've never been happier. I'm here just for a second to share the news that I've passed all of my exams, so, almost officially, the second semester is behind me. Love it.
As a bonus. I guess no one of You (with one little exception) have ever heard about Kimbra and her amazing music. So, because of my great mood today, it's Settle Down for You. Enjoy and, as usual, share your opinion about her with me.

I'm running to catch my train. Stay tuned!



As all my life is made of unexpected events, today I ran accidentally into a guide trip through the "so not tourist's" parts of Gdańsk. Thank God it happened. It was great. I don't mean now I know sooo many stunning facts about this city (cause I don't), it's just great because of my luck. Because I have this strange abilty to be in a place where actually something is happening.
Tomorrow is going to be a tough day so I better go to bed now. Or sit here for a little more now, happy because of my new nail polish (I'm an addict, I know).
For good bye: my favourite Kasabian song I think. And I'm so excited about their new album:)


shake it out!

The most important thing. We can listen to the first single from Florence's upcoming album! Hurray!

What's more... New AM video. Have you seen it?

It all looks good (I think that Matt was born to play that role...) but I have a huge problem with this album. Simply, I don't like it.
Anyway, finally I'm after my exams and I have just few days of my vacation left. I still don't know what to do during the next week. Stay tuned!


see you later, innovator

I have no idea what to write about, so you'll have to wait for a new fantastic post. And, what's worse I have to study now. Really. So... See you in a few days!


if you like it, then

Okay, so it happened. I'm twenty. How does it feel? In fact... I don't know. The knowlege that I'm twenty is something like killing me, but in fact nothing has changed. Nothing happened. There was no explosion, no falling stars, no floods, no hurricanes. I don't even know what my expectations were like. I feel disappointed.
Do I?
That was the best birthday I ever had. Really. Why? Well, it started in Płock, on something like family music festival, when one of my favourite bans was on stage. And then driving home, eating at Mc'Donalds and getting the most unexpected and amazing gift ever. In the morning my family gave me the next perfect present. Even my family dinner didn't destroy my perfect birthday mood. Wow, if "being twenty" means "perfect life" it's absolutely for me!
Thank you all for making my life such a great thing.

happy bday, W


i gave you back your power

I'm posting a lot of videos recently, don't I?
Video for today: new White Lies' single. The Power & The Glory.
I have a huge problem with this band recently. Why? I used to love them. Really. Almost three years ago nobody knew about them. In January 2009 they released their first big single To lose my life. For me it was like a stroke, I fell in love with them. In March I bought their debut album To lose my life... My love was growing and growing. July - their gig at Heineken Open'er Festival. Best gig in my life (by far). It was amazing, cause you could see how scared they were (something like "omg, no one knows us here, it's going to be a tragedy) at the beginning and amazed at the end of the gig. Check this HERE and HERE.
Their second gig in Poland: Stodoła in Warsaw, 2010. Amazing. Maybe not that amazing like at the first time, but this gig blown me away too.
And now the story turn to be not that cool for me. The band started to be too popular in Poland. I mean it's not fun to be on their gig when there are to many thirteen-year-old little girls. And the band started to be too serious with their music and image.
Hah, of course I know it's "the band is too popular" syndrome "so it's not cool to be their fan anymore". But that's so true for me. And I know that for the band too. That's sad, in one interwiev (for Polish tv...) they confirmed that they know "the band is too popular" syndrome and it happened with the bands that they used to like.
I don't know how their career is going to be in few years. But I know they're going to be big. One day I'll tell my kids that they used to be just three kids who wanted to play music and make fub of it.
Okay... the video. First video made of videos (sound stupid, I know) from their gigs. Well, in fact this one is the most normal video released as a promotion of their secon album Ritual.
And  what about you. Do you have any ex-favourite bands?

tomorrow I'm turning twenty... I'm going to be sooo old...


you keep the beats

When most of you have to be at school, I'm still at home preparing for my exams. That's so hard to learn now... Okay, after this weird music things yesterday some real music today. Yay!


shocking, baby!

Do you remember Tola, Polish singer from the band Blog27? (If you don't, I'm really jelous, cause it would be great not to remember that...) Well, emo is not trendy anymore so Tola, after learning in American music school decided to change her image and music. Now she's something between homeless guy and a hipster. But all I want to say is that her new music is, surprisingly, listenable (does such a word exist?)! It looks like she stopped screaming and swearing and turn to be just a weird girl. She's not going to rock alternative radio stations, but let's say it: it's not that bad!
The funny thing is that few years ago her ex-friend Ala (she was a second singer in Blog27) released a solo album that sounded really similiar to new songs of Tola. And it wasn't a big success. I mean it wasn't a success at all... 
We don't know how the things are going to turn with new Tola's stuff. Now you can just listen what she want to tell us. With her music. Wow, now you can even call it music.
Enjoy and express your feelings.

after few more listenings: her voice will never be cool for me...