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Okay, so it happened. I'm twenty. How does it feel? In fact... I don't know. The knowlege that I'm twenty is something like killing me, but in fact nothing has changed. Nothing happened. There was no explosion, no falling stars, no floods, no hurricanes. I don't even know what my expectations were like. I feel disappointed.
Do I?
That was the best birthday I ever had. Really. Why? Well, it started in Płock, on something like family music festival, when one of my favourite bans was on stage. And then driving home, eating at Mc'Donalds and getting the most unexpected and amazing gift ever. In the morning my family gave me the next perfect present. Even my family dinner didn't destroy my perfect birthday mood. Wow, if "being twenty" means "perfect life" it's absolutely for me!
Thank you all for making my life such a great thing.

happy bday, W

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  1. Happy Bday !!!!!

    You're message is so sweet and positive !!!!

    Enjoy !!!!!


  2. "Eating at Mc'Donalds" sounds great. Actually, for me it's "feeding" probably or better - "be feeted". Oh, and that's my fav version of our "Hallelujah". I mean, it would be "our" for eternally <3 God, awesome holidays ;p

  3. Happy b-day dear *_________* ♥

    The Chaotic Box ♥


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