shocking, baby!

Do you remember Tola, Polish singer from the band Blog27? (If you don't, I'm really jelous, cause it would be great not to remember that...) Well, emo is not trendy anymore so Tola, after learning in American music school decided to change her image and music. Now she's something between homeless guy and a hipster. But all I want to say is that her new music is, surprisingly, listenable (does such a word exist?)! It looks like she stopped screaming and swearing and turn to be just a weird girl. She's not going to rock alternative radio stations, but let's say it: it's not that bad!
The funny thing is that few years ago her ex-friend Ala (she was a second singer in Blog27) released a solo album that sounded really similiar to new songs of Tola. And it wasn't a big success. I mean it wasn't a success at all... 
We don't know how the things are going to turn with new Tola's stuff. Now you can just listen what she want to tell us. With her music. Wow, now you can even call it music.
Enjoy and express your feelings.

after few more listenings: her voice will never be cool for me...

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  1. wiesz, jakoś nigdy za nią nie przepadałam..

  2. I like it .... the second one more ..... It's very easy to listen to music like that ...



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