it feels so good to have you back

The most horrible week since long time (but I know the next one is going to be even worse) and the most amazing weekend since long time. It's funny how days filled with loads of new horrible duties suddenly changed into one big hedonistic party. One big demoralizationing experience. But at the same time it was a great opportunity to find out that there are some poeple in this sad world who still share some memories with me. And we're all still into it! Good to know that I'm not one and only who still want's to remember.
Travelling was another cool experience connected with getting one new friend on facebook. It wouldn't be me without meeting someone new and strange every single day.
It's getting really cold, Fall is ready to begin now. I have to go and sleep off these long hours of celebrating us being twenty. I'm going to remember about our special plan for 30th birthday party. 
Happy b'day, Love.

i would really love to just don't know. but i do... and, in fact, you can't do anything about it now. it's too late, darling

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  1. OMG, I totally love you <3 Those will be great 10 years <3


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