too little

People who think that studying is fun are soooo wrong! Yes, you are wrong and please, don't even try to change my mind. It's just pointless. I hate studying far away from home. I hate it cause it's always connected with fall and winter - the most horrible seasons in the whole year. It's so cold, and I'm always having a horrible and constant flu. Ugh. And days are too short. I have to wake up in the middle of the night. And when I'm back after a day at university it's already night. Why do I have to live in such a horrible climate?!
Okay, tomorrow I'm going to buy a big thick woolen jumper. Only if I will find the one and only which I will fall in love in. I hope I can make it. At least I will buy another nail polish. It's just a small obsession. Little one, really. I'm in Gdańsk for a month now and I bought just four new colours by far. Nothing special.
But the only cure is to sleep more. So see you later folks!

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