two weeks after

So many things happened. Too many I think. I'm back in Gdańsk after a weekend at home. It was so weird that I can't even say if it was good or bad. Really. I made it, I went to see a gig I wanted to see (even though I couldn't buy a ticket), I met my friends and family. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Well, somewhere between meeting friends and going to see a gig I realised that here, on this planet, in this city, I can meet people who really hate me. Oh, yes they really do. And that's what makes me sad...

it would be amazing to be in love now

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  1. Hey, hey! And also people who really loves you so much! God, you hate too, I do and everyone. And you know, that this kind of hate is so specific, beause of a reason. I am still hoping, that one day we'll all be friends. And trust me, it's much better to hate or being hated than standing between two people, who you love and seeing how they hate each other. Whatever - I will always love you, so head up, In other way I'll never take you with me again Miss Photographer :*


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